Thin Film Deposition Materials - Sputtering Targets

Product Availability

Due to supply, local regulating bodies and other limitations, not all products series and grades are available at all Tosoh global locations.

Please inquire on product specifications and availability by contacting us.

Product Name: Thin Film Deposition Materials
Generic Name: Sputtering Targets
Material: Cr, Co-Ni-Cr, Co-Nb-Zr, ZAO, ITO, Ni-Cr-Si, Cr-Si, Al, Al-Cu, Al-Si, Al-Si-Cu, C, Ta, TaSi2, Ti, Ti-W, others.
Product Overview: Produced at our global facilities in the US, Japan, Korea and China, Tosoh's sputtering targets are available in a variety of high purity metals, metal alloys, cermets, and ceramic compositions. Targets can be made in all shapes, sizes, and purity levels to meet design specifications.
Applications: Semiconductors
Solar and photovoltaics 
Flat panel displays
Magnetic recording media (rigid disks, rewritable-optical disks)
Recording heads
Thermal print heads
Thin film resistors