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Tosoh's fabricated quartz products are used in the semiconductor and optical industries.

As a regional sales and marketing office, Tosoh Asia Pte. Ltd. offers a diverse range of products to Southeast Asia, Australasia, Middle East, and Africa.

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Tosoh Asia sells Tosoh's thin film deposition materials, aka sputtering targets, which are essential to the development and manufacturing of high-tech products such as solar panels, semiconductors, and flat panel displays. Sputtering targets are made from a long list of materials including copper, tungsten, tantalum and aluminum.

Tosoh Asia offers two essential organic intermediates BCP (1-bromo-3-chloropropane) and hydrobromic acid (Hbr) used in the production of chemicals,agrochemicals,flavors and fragrances.

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Tosoh Asia is a marketer and seller of Tosoh Bioscience division's advanced state-of-the-art bioseparations and diagnostic instruments, media, HPLC columns and analyzers.

Produce commercially from ethylenedichloride (EDC), ammonia, and caustic soda, Tosoh's ethyleneamines are used in a diverse range of fields and industries including chemical, agricultural, and pharmaceutical industries.

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Tosoh provides worldwide polyurethane catalysts for polyurethane foam formation. Catalyst brands include TEDA® and TOYOCAT® which are used in the formation of a variety of foams. You are welcome to inquire on what catalyst will best suit your needs based on the product's characteristics.

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Caustic soda is a representative product of Tosoh Corporation's Chlor-alkali Division. Tosoh has a long history of producing and selling caustic soda, or sodium hydroxide, for over 75 years.

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